How To Make A Tech Deck Mega Ramp Out of Cardboard

Aren’t you buying a new tech deck mega ramp because it needs a high budget of at least $29.99? But still willing to have a four-sided tech deck mega ramp for enjoying a full skating. How about making your own tech deck mega ramp out of a cardboard which cost nothing but delivers all functions like a real four-sided tech deck mega ramp like an entrance and landing stage with the rest of decoration elements in your mind!


Here we need just your 2 minutes to let you know how making a tech deck mega ramp out of a cardboard which can be used for amazing skating competitions and practice!


Materials: While making your own larger size tech deck mega ramp is not gonna end your pocket, all material you need is just cardboard, tape, glue, scissors, Kraft knife, cardboard cylindrical tube and the rest of decoration material around in your room.



Let's Start To Make Your Tech Deck Mega Ramp:


Arrange A Large Size Cardboard: "the larger the cardboard, the greater is your tech deck mega ramp". you can choose any large size cardboard, but a wholesale cereal box will be referred for a four sided tech deck mega ramp.



Cut Four Vertical Edges: Now open the top of the empty cereal box. Cut out all four vertical edges, but remind leave at least 2-3" inches should be remaining uncut in a square shape. Now individually lay these edges like an Octopus legs. This will be your basic structure of tech deck mega ramp.



Glue Cardboard Cylindrical Tube as A Base Pillar: arrange two cardboard cylindrical tubes, both of them should be 10" inches high or enough length to support cereal box from ground to top as a base pillar.



Measure & Cut Four Rectangles to Turn Up the Edges: Now measure and cut four rectangles 5*8" inches from a cardboard. Turn these rectangles into a triangle and place them at the end corners to turn up edges. These will help to easily jump to the next landing platform.



Measure & Cuts Four Triangle Landing Platforms: Measure and cut another four rectangles of 5*8" inches from cardboards. Turn these rectangles into a triangle shape. Place this triangle a 2-inches far from the tech deck mega ramp, these will be your landing platforms.



Apply Decoration With the Rest of Decoration Material: Now your basic structure of tech deck mega ramp is ready to bring to your art house. You can decorate it with the rest of decoration material around in your home.


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