How to Make a Robot Out of Cardboard Box

Wonder how it could be if you have a real brain surgical robot with Red led eyes! But you never come forwards to buy a robot from the market because of it expensive, even hundred of dollars are insufficient! How about to think beyond the limits and make your own robot from nothing but just the result of material around your home? Yes! Here you can make your own robot at home that looks like a real brain surgical robot with red LED eye’s along with a head, body, arms and legs.



So, if you're interesting to learn how to make a robot out of cardboard boxes, Here we just need your five minutes to let you learn how to make a robot out of cardboard box also have Red LED eyes.


Supplies you Need: making your own robot is not going to break your wallet, all supplies you need just two custom cardboard box, aluminum foil, color paper, glue, duct tape, toilet paper, and the rest of decoration material around your room.


Steps to Design and Construct a Robot:


Get Two Cardboard Boxes: to build the basic structure, you need two cardboard boxes, one for the head and a second one for the body sequence. Here you can impressively use a shoe box for the body and another square box for the head. Make sure to collect a rectangular box with all four sides equal to give a perfect head appearance.



Make robot Arm and Legs: It's time to make arms and legs for your robot. Here’s nothing difficult in it! Make a toilet paper two long tubes and wrap a duct tape around them, these will be the robot arms. While at the same time make another two L-shape tubes out of toilet paper and also wrap a duct tape around them. This will be your robot legs.



Add Robot LED Eyes in the Head: your brain surgical robot should have two LED eyes to have a real robot appearance even in darkness. To make the eyes, carefully poke two holes about 1 cm to fit the LED's through it. Now make a small door at the back side of the head to enter and exit a small battery to give electricity to LED.



Construct robot Head and Body: It’s time to join all the parts to construct your robot, so glue the small head box on the top of the body box (shoe box). Use duct tape to attach the arm and legs to the body box. Remember to make the foot moving forward as well as bend arms at 45-degree to have a moving robot appearance.



Wrap the Whole Robot With Aluminum Foil: mostly robots are made up of steel, so wrap your whole robot with aluminum foil to bring a real brain surgical robot appearance.



Use Color Paper to Make Different Operating Button and Slots: you can use a color paper to draw, cut and glue different operating buttons and slots on the body of your robot. Don't forget to add the nose and lips in a rectangular shape as your Advance robot must have a mouth to reply.


Finally, Give Your Personal Touches: your robot is ready to represent in front of your family and friends to let them see your creativity and practical skills. So it depends on you that how you want to give a final finishing touch. You can add the rest of decoration material such as buttons, ribbons, wire antenna and more.


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