How to Make a Cardboard Picture Frame?

Contrary to the popular belief picture frames can be used for many other things apart from displaying photos. A picture frame usually has an ornamental edging or a decorative strip all around it for encasing the picture, painting or it can be a personal photograph as well, with the purpose to enhance it, also making it easier to showcase it and it protects it as well.

The frame along with its stands protects and often complements the artwork or whatever is displayed. A good picture frame ensures that the painting stays safe and protected. Picture frames can be expensive when purchased new; as the metals that are used are pretty expensive and the protective coating and covering used is also pretty expensive.

Types of Shapes:

Picture frames are most commonly square or rectangle in shapes also they can be seen in circle and oval as well. Frames in more unusual shapes such as balls, stars, and hearts that have too often been hand carved by a professional wood carver or carpenter. I personally like then in abstract shapes, and also they are available in different material such as wood, plastic, and acrylic.
For today I will tell you how to make cardboard picture frame. This is the easiest project that I have tried till now and I am sure you all will like it too as I will tell you how to even customize it.

The Supplies That You Will Need:

A sturdy and strong Cardboard of any size, even recycled would work.
Photos or a painting of any size that you would like to display.
Black felt tip Pen
Measuring Ruler
Scissors or crafters knife
A Glue Gun
Fabric paints or glitter paints for the customization.


Step 1: First of all start by tracing around the photo onto the cardboard then marked another line a bit further out, this will serve as the stand of the frame. You can use a crafters knife to cut around the dotted middle to revealing the blank space that the picture will be displayed.



Step 2: Next use your scissors to cut around the negative space and you will be left with the frame only leaving. You can cut out any shapes, any sizes that you want. Be it stars, hearts, ovals or abstract even.


Step 3: Next comes the customization part and for that I suggest that you wrap woolen yarn around the frames to decorate them and customize them as per your liking, You should secure the ends with a glue gun just to make sure they stay in their place or you can tightly tie small knots and secure the ends this way. You can use one color yarn or multiple ones. You can add tiny stars and glitters in between the yarn as well.

Step 4: Now for the final step, you can use your glue gun and stick your picture or anything that you want to display in that frame. 


You can follow these simple steps and create your masterpieces and display them proudly around your house, or you can simply sit back and order your custom cardboard shipping boxes wholesale by and personally I think you should do so because they use only the best quality material and can customize your order as per your wishes. Also, another benefit is that they use recycled material and their material can be further recycled. 

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