How to Fold the Bottom of a Cardboard Box?

Robert Gair, a printer and bag maker, invented the first cardboard carton in 1890. Who one's not familiar with those cardboard boxes! almost everyone whether moving to a new location, holding all knickknacks & personal mementos or grabbing breakfast cereal, must use these brown colored boxes for packaging purposes. These boxes are greatly chosen by manufacturers as because of their low price, durability, strength, trades increasing skills, and maximize secure packaging during transportation.



Including this, sometimes, you hire store units, especially whenever relocation to a new place. The main reason behind? mostly people like you don't know, how to fold the bottom of cardboard boxes because of the boxes received are needed to assemble by yourself.

  • Let's have two minutes to learn how to fold the bottom of a cardboard box without tape.
  • Put the flaps on the box down and open the box.
  • Flip the box over such that flaps do not rip apart.
  • First, fold down the small flap, then clockwise fold the other three flaps.
  • Now pull out the edge of the first flap facing the long flap and pull inside the edge of the lastly folded large flap.
  • Here's the cardboard box bottom is completely close.

If you want to know a more about these integral part of our lives, you'll be incredible to know that nowadays, these boxes are called master shipping boxes. The Reason_ these boxes structurally contains corrugated layers, which ensure a convenient shipping process by resisting jerks, jumps and vehicle engine vibration during moving away from manufacturers to retailers. They could be used for primarily packaged any kind of goods and material with highly customized features.

In addition to that, these boxes are also popular with the children. In most educational institutes, kids are subjected to accomplish different projects based on their academic and curricular activities. Even adults used these boxes for making different creatures such as Car model, ships, guitar, ATM machine and a lot of other worthy items. As you know, these boxes are strengthening and reliable, but it's also the most cost effective packaging boxes found on earth.


Moreover, Today, printing and cardboard have slowly combined to build a sure road leads trade towards at the top notch. With advanced printing such as CMYK and PMS, all communication gaps have reached to the end. You can turn a simple cardboard box into an effective silent salesman by printing brand logo, product name, barcode, price, tax & legal requirements, ingredients, nutritional benefits, caution, product category, reordering details and including all kinds of information related to the product. Packaging design grabs value more than that! A good packaging has guts to grab customers' attention far away and to psychologically satisfy customer about your product quality and market worth.

These boxes also implement techniques for enhancing your brand promotion. Such as, you can print your website name, Facebook ID, and other social media accounts to welcome online customers for online order, whether on your website or social media accounts.


Finally, if you want somehow a solid reason to use custom cardboard boxes, they are highly recycled packaging materials, e.g. In 2005, Mr. Peter Ryan designed and showcase Melbourne designed a house completely made up of cardboard even you can separate the different chemical product during the recycling process in re-quantified, re qualified, and re-measure specific ratios.

If you want to buy these custom cardboard boxes for increasing product sales ratio and brand promotion, must choose a professional packaging and designing expert for the boxes.


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